Monday, June 2, 2008

An INspiration hit me today. In order to be totally free, I must give everything to God. Not that this has not occurred to me before. Of course it has, and has probably occurred to me daily for quite sometime. However, I recognize now what that means in light of accountability, and therein lies the difference.

I love to write- always have. It is a passion, and thus, with the onset of summer and subsequently, the onset of time, I have decided to take this love and turn it into my accountability for my full and true abandonment. I am here by giving everything to God, my Lord and savior. He is my life, and it is about time that He receive my all.

In the past I have said these words. Many times. Yet, it only lasts for as long as it works for ME and then, it becomes fleeting. My goal is to faithfully account for my journeys with my abandonment to the Lord and the discernment in my life while remaining accountable to this blog daily. My goal is to be open, and honest about my discernment, in the hopes that the Lord will guide me to lasting peace and happiness. I know that in my full abandonment, the Lord will provide.

I simply must commit. (One of my few vices...haha)

Here is my plan:

Knowing that the summer affords much more time for me, I plan to attend daily mass and pray and reflect on that daily. I plan on trying to shelf my anxieties, and reencounter my optimism. I plan to be as faithful as I can, knowing that if I love God first and foremost, all else will follow.

Wish me luck!

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