Monday, August 20, 2007

Might I suggest an...Eric

If you do not have one of these, I must tell you...I pity you.

You see, with an Eric, all things are possible.
Even in your greatest moments of doubt.
With an Eric, you are capable of seeing things differently, more clearly.
An Eric will challenge you to do things that you may not have otherwise thought possible.
He will put you on the spot, and hold you up.
He will shower you with kindness, in thoughts and deeds.
An Eric is the epitome of wonderful.

He will show up at your classroom and bring you dinner when you are just about at your wits end.
He will help you to clarify the things most pressing, and help you to accomplish them efficiently.
He will hold you when you when you need to be held and kiss you on the forehead to let you know that "It will be okay."
He will draw silly faces on the wanted board, in order to make you smile.
An Eric is the epitome of amazing.

An Eric allows himself to serve in the most selfless of ways.
An Eric lets you know daily how much you are loved both in his eyes and in the eyes of the Lord.
With an Eric, you strive to be better, even in the face of doubt and anxiety.
He is the perfect partner, and the perfect end to a long day.
An Eric is the epitome of happiness.

An Eric will dazzle you with his ability to be patient.
An Eric understands you, even when you may not.
He is a man of ever-growing virtue, and boyish charm.
An Eric knows the meaning of true sacrifice, and strives to live it daily.
An Eric is the epitome of inspiration.

An Eric steps up to the plate, and takes on every challenge.
An Eric makes you giggle and your inadequacies don't seem so bad.
He will sit with you while you nurse your wounds of all kinds.
And will not laugh at you when you attempt the stairs as an 80 year-old woman.
An Eric is the epitome of joy.

Oh this, and so much more do encompass an Eric,
Because he simply is the epit-o-me.

And I think it goes without saying; everyone needs an Eric.

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