Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pictures of Trust

I had dinner with a friend tonight. Not just a friend, someone with whom your soul just connects; with whom you feel better about the path you have been chosen to tread. She told me a story, and now I will tell you.

Last year, she met a woman named Sister Jean. A woman who received a call from the Lord, and said "Yes." That 'yes' has resounded throughout the whole of her life. Imaging Our Mother, her assurance and ability to Trust in God's ultimate plan lead her to leave the comfortable life of her suburban convent and move to the inner-city streets of Minneapolis. There she lead a life of love. Her goal was simply to befriend and image Christ to all she met. She had no income, no plan, nothing...but the Lord. And God alone, she knew, would suffice.

He did. She had progressed in her ministry, so much so that she was able to open a housing project for the underprivileged families in her area and had also inspired other consecrated women to join in her mission. Yet, the new community lacked access to a washing machine. So- although it was lavish, she opted to purchase a machine for her new home. Yet, as she did not work, nor did any of the other sisters, they were unable to purchase it. They decided to have a garage sale, and see if they could raise the funds. The sisters sold enough of their wares to purchase the washer and began to page through the Sear's catalog. However, the space in which they had to place the machine was smaller than most all the machines that were made. Thus, they could only find one machine that would fit. Sister held the phone in her hands, and called the number to order the machine, when the Lord told her to wait. Exasperated, she obediently smiled and said "I'll give You until I finish my soup." The phone rang- it was a friend of Sister Jean's who just happened to be giving away an 18" washing machine. That is when I smiled.

It gets better...

At that point, she said to the Lord, "Thank You, thank You...I should never have doubted. I promise to say 'yes' to anything that is asked of me today in honor of You." At Mass she was asked to accompany a couple of women on a planned pilgrimage to was a good question to say "yes" to and she did. Yet again, she had no money. She knew the Lord would provide. She was asked to speak at a couple of parishes where they took up a collection for her mission. Yet, she knew that money was not for her own use. So, she waited. Time went by quickly, and her departure grew nearer as did her birthday. A friend called and wanted to throw her a large birthday party. Sister agreed, but asked that instead of lavishness, she would love some help to go on her pilgrimage. All the attendees obliged, and Sr. Jean graciously accepted the charity of her friends. She promptly went home and placed her funds beneath the rug, not in the dresser where the mission funds were stored (as anyone would do:-)). She let it be, and never counted nor gave it a second look until the bill for the trip arrived. She opened the bill, removed her money from its woven security and began to count. To the penny, she had the exact amount of the bill.


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